Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker: Amidst Speculations and Concerns. 

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Revealing a pregnancy steals the show: During a Blink-182 performance, Kourtney makes her pregnancy announcement.

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Speculation goes online: Fans eagerly await a developing baby bump and speculate about the due date. 

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European Tour Suspended by Blink-182: Concerns are raised among fans when Blink-182 cites a "urgent family emergency."

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Unexpected Departure of Travis Barker: Barker's unexpected homecoming fuels speculation when he was spotted in the prayer room at Glasgow Airport. 

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Instagram hints: Fans have estimated the baby's due date in response to Kourtney's enigmatic "One month" remark. 

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Tour Dates postponed: Due to a "family emergency," Blink-182 has postponed its performances in Glasgow, Dublin, and Belfast.

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Concerns and Hope: As they wait for information on the adored couple and their unborn child, fans worldwide wish them luck.

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