Love and Inspiration in Hollywood: Alexandra Grant praises the virtues of her relationship with Keanu Reeves.

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A Hollywood Gem: Keanu's girlfriend endorses his image as Hollywood's kindest person.

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Creative Exchange: Grant says about Keanu: "what I love about Keanu is that we're pushing each other to build new roads." 

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Mutual Passion: Both are devoted storytellers who turn concepts into works of art and performances. 

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Music and Love: Grant is a 'big' fan of Dogstar, Keanu's rock band, and is familiar with all of their music. 

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Influences in Art: Over time, Grant's artwork has become happier, which she credits to Reeves. 


A Deep Connection: They have worked together on projects including "Shadows" and "Ode to Happiness." 

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Red Carpet Romance: They generated a lot of curiosity in 2019 when they attended the Art + Film Gala.

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Independent Yet Interdependent: Their partnership is strong because they appreciate each other's freedom.

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Celebrating Love and Art: A love story entwined with passion, creativity, and admiration.

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