Get an exclusive peek into the highly anticipated Netflix series, 'Quarterback,'

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The series "Quarterback" consists of a total of eight episodes, all of which were simultaneously released on July 12th.

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The series delves into the lives of Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota, both on and off the field, offering fans an intimate glimpse into their 2022 seasons.

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It provides an insider's perspective on their in-game action, meticulous preparation, and the delicate balance they maintain between their professional and personal lives.

Mahomes achieved the pinnacle of success by winning a Super Bowl, whereas Cousins had an impressive season characterized by thrilling comeback victories before narrowly missing out on the playoffs.

Image Credit: Arrowhead pride

Image Credit: Arrowhead pride

On the flip side, Mariota faced challenges as he was benched towards the end of the season and took time away from the team for unspecified reasons.

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The unique journeys undertaken by each of the three quarterbacks will provide fans with glimpses of both euphoric and challenging moments.

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It captures intimate moments with their families, friends, and trainers, tracing their journey from the playing field to the comfort of their homes. This groundbreaking series provides an unprecedented, in-depth exploration of their profession like never before.

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The series goes beyond the regular season, immersing viewers in Mahomes' journey towards his second championship victory..