A Match for the History Books: The Dolphins beat the Broncos 70-20, approaching the NFL's all-time point record. 

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Record Insights: The all-time mark, set by the Chicago Bears in 1940, is 73 points. Washington scored 72 points during the regular season in 1966. 

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A Moment of Sportsmanship: The Dolphins passed up a chance to set records by kneeling instead of scoring. Mike McDaniel, the coach, prioritized values over results. 

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Historical Perspective: Only four teams have scored 70 or more points in NFL history. 

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Tagovailoa's Stellar Performance: Tua has a spotless first half, completing 16 of 16 passes for 206 yards and two touchdowns. First quarterback with those statistics since 1991. 

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Running Backs Shine: Together, Mostert and Achane score eight touchdowns. Mostert totals 142 yards while Achane rushes for 203 yards.

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Breaking Franchise Records: The Dolphins surpass their previous high score by 15 points while setting a team record with 726 total yards.

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Broncos' Reaction: Payton labels the game as 'embarrassing' and anticipates a tough review session with the team.

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A Look Back: 1940: The Bears defeated Washington 73-0. In 1966, Washington defeated the NY Giants 72–41. 1950: LA Rams defeat Baltimore Colts with a score of 70.

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Conclusion: A day filled with accomplishments, choices, and historical footnotes. The Dolphins triumph prioritizing sportsmanship.

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