Loss of a Legend: At the age of 82, Sir Michael Gambon, who played Dumbledore in "Harry Potter," passed away. 

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Peaceful Departure: Departed this life after a bout with pneumonia, leaving behind his wife Anne and son Fergus. 

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Versatile Artist: Well known for his work in radio, television, and movies, including "The Singing Detective" 

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Early Days: Born in Dublin, Gambon was raised in London and was an apprentice toolmaker before studying acting. 

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From Stage to Screen: Started at Dublin's Gate Theatre before moving on to join the National Theatre Company and Birmingham Repertory Company.

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Iconic Role: Best known for playing Dumbledore in the "Harry Potter" films, taking Richard Harris' place in the third installment.

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Tributes Pour In: Gambon is remembered by Rupert Grint for his friendliness and mischief. "He captivated me as a child." 

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James Phelps Pays His Respects: Both on and off the screen, Gambon was remembered by Phelps as being "very funny" and "a legend."

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Fiona Shaw Remembers: Gambon is praised by Shaw as a "brilliant, magnificent trickster" and for his exceptional textual abilities. 

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A Life Celebrated: Gambon's illustrious career included numerous BAFTA wins and a legacy that will resonate in the theatrical and film industries.

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